Things To Do in New York

New York City is jammed full of famous attractions that you’ve heard of and those are discussed on the New York City Attractions page, but beyond those things the city is filled with other things to occupy your time in unforgettable ways. This is a brief introduction to some of them, and more detailed information on each can be found on the link below each section.

Broadway shows

These large and lavish productions have been on the upswing lately in spite of the crazy high prices for tickets. Most of the theaters are actually on the streets just off Broadway through the Times Square area, and there are a few good ways to find cheap tickets to many of the shows.

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Off-Broadways shows

This name has nothing to do with their location, but rather the number of seats in the theaters. Off-Broadway shows tend to be more experimental and almost always cheaper than their larger counterparts. There are also Off-Off-Broadway shows, which are in smaller theaters yet, and somewhat unpredictable.

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New York City is definitely one of the world’s great shopping capitals, but the better shopping opportunities are spread out in different parts of Manhattan. Depending on what you are looking for you can usually find a cluster of stores offering that and more. And except for Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, prices in New York City can be quite reasonable. When the dollar is weak Europeans often come for weekend trips to NYC just to fill their shopping bags with things that are twice as expensive or even more when they are back home.

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Sporting events

People from all over the world have usually heard of the New York Yankees baseball team, but they are just the beginning. There are two New York teams in each of the four major American sports, and going to a game can be an unforgettable experience, even if you are rooting for the opposition.

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Central Park is the main attraction here, but there is a long list of other parks in Manhattan as well as the Outer Boroughs. If the weather is good you’ll want to at least visit one or two of them to see how locals relax and play.

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New York City has its share of giant dance clubs, mostly clumped together in west Chelsea, but there are also coat & tie places that are elegant and old school. Restaurants are often open past midnight, and some of the clubs are just opening their doors then. Even on a random Tuesday night it’s usually pretty easy to find something interesting, so the choices seem endless.

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There are thousands of bars in New York City, and they are allowed to stay open until 4 a.m., which is only one reason why the best drinking vibe in the country is found here. The fact that most bars in the city are small contributes to a scene that is as diverse as it is enormous. Pick a neighborhood depending on what you are after, and walk from one place to the next until you find what you like.

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Sightseeing tours

Most of the main landmarks and attractions can be seen by yourself on foot or reached by public transportation, but especially if your time is limited you might consider an organized sightseeing tour. The most popular ones are the double-decker buses that tour Manhattan as well as the Circle Line boat tours that actually give you a better look at the city from the water, but there are various themes and other unusual tours to consider.

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