Brunch in New York: $16 for brunch and 3 cocktails at Essex

I love brunch. I especially love brunches in New York. And I especially, especially love brunches in New York that come with at least 3 drinks as part of a prix fixe kind of menu for booze. Of course, if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know I have already spent some time discussing New York’s Best Brunch and how the Sunday meal has become one of New York’s more revered rituals, but I thought an addition to the list actually warranted its very own post.

120 Essex St. New York, NY 10002
At Rivington St.

Not only has this brunch spot gotten a seal of approval from New York Times Magazine, it is also a favorite of many New Yorker’s. In fact, if you decide to make the trip to the Lower East Side to get in on some Essex brunch action, be prepared to wait, as the lively atmosphere, interesting menu and $16 price fixed menu which includes 3 (yes, you read that right, 3) cocktails of your choice (well, not exactly, but you can choose between a bloody mary, screwdriver and mimosa).

While certain dishes make you tack on a few extra bucks to this $16 prices (the eggs benedict for example), you can easily indulge your inner lush by washing whatever you choose to eat with not 2, but 3 cocktails all before happy hour. Plus, if you love a good deal (who doesn’t) you’ll feel good walking out of this brunch place not only full, but also tipsy for all under $20. Plus, in the land of overpriced…well…everything, it feels good to be able to get a meal and cocktails for such little money.

If you decide to venture to Essex this Sunday be forewarned of two things: hoards of hipsters in skinny jeans and long waits. However, if you can brave those two things, you could be chowing down on a delectable burger with an egg, pancakes or eggs benedict all while downing your 3 morning cocktails.