Best Brunch in New York

Whether you are a well-to-do Upper East Sider or simply a vacationer looking for an excuse to drink in the middle of the day, brunch is one of New York City’s most revered rituals. With hundreds of places offering this tasty in-between meal, it can be difficult to pick out a great spot to cure that hangover, get the best omelet or find a killer a bloody mary. If done right, a New York brunch can make you wish cocktails at noon and combination meals happened every day of the week.

Hot Brunch Spots

All You Can Drink (Need we say more?)

Those looking for a mostly liquid brunch should head over to the Sunburnt Cow between Eighth and Ninth Street on Avenue C in New York. For only $15 bucks, you’ll be eating an Aussie themed breakfast and downing unlimited (yes, unlimited) mimosas. If you love a good deal (and love to truly take advantage of a good deal) this is a hard deal to beat in New York City. If you take advantage of the all you can drink price a little too much (or simply have some self-control issues) you may find yourself teetering out of the Sunburnt Cow two mimosas past tipsy at 12:30 in the afternoon. But sightseeing with a buzz has its major advantages–the subway is less stinky and a whole lot more fun and you may end up with a grab bag of ridiculous (but memorable) souvenirs from your shopping trip on the way home.

If you find yourself in Greenwich Village and feeling particularly thirsty on a Saturday or Sunday, head over to Arte Pasta, where you can eat some Italian inspired brunch items with all you can drink champagne and mimosas. The brunch menu is fairly limited and the service is so-so, but you’ll hardly care as you down your 4th glass of champagne. If you are looking for a cheap place to drink, than this is an ideal brunch spot for any buzzed weekend day. Despite it not yet being 1 pm, my mostly liquid brunch at Arte Pasta had me sufficiently sauced to enjoy the long subway ride to Shea stadium. More beers at the Mets game proved that you can easily enjoy the two greatest excuses for day time drinking (brunch and baseball) all in the same day.

Classier Joints

For those looking for a more, eh hem, refined brunch experience, Sarabeth’s East on Madison avenue in the Upper East Side is a reliable and well-known brunch spot. East Siders will line up to get at the chive-scrambled eggs, pumpkin waffles and sticky buns. The coffee is great here too, so if you are looking for a caffeine buzz rather than a champagne buzz, this might be just the brunch spot for you.

If you are craving a bloody mary, but aren’t sure if you are up to the task of an all you can drink menu, then head to Cibo at 767 2nd avenue in Manhattan. For $18.95 you’ll get a two course brunch with coffee or tea and a brunch cocktail of your choice. The American cuisine with Tuscan inspired influences changes seasonally and will offer you up delicious brunch options any time of the year. This is the perfect place to indulge in that morning cocktail without feeling compelled to drink an entire champagne bottle’s worth of mimosas.


If you find yourself in Brooklyn and craving a diner inspired menu full of traditional brunch items, then head to Relish, where Williamsburg residents slide up to the old-fashioned counter for biscuits and gravy or the famous cheddar grits. You may not be downing unlimited cocktails, but you’ll be full all day long.

If you find yourself in the Lower East Side, there are few better places to get a delicous down-home brunch than at contemporary diner Clinton St. Baking Company and Restaurant located at 4 Clinton Street. The attached bakery means the bread is fresh and delicious, and has inspired a menu full of old-fashioned classics with modern twists. Not for the carb-free dieters, Clinton Street offers great big fluffy biscuits, blueberry pancakes, brioche French toast. If you are looking for something more on the savory side, look for their framer’s fritata, huevos rancheros or build it yourself omelet. If you want great food and a morning cocktail, this place also has a full bar. Just make sure you bring cash, as credit cards are only accepted at dinner.