Visiting Toronto as a Side Trip from New York

toronto-skylineVisiting New York is an incredible experience and there are a ton of things to do in the city. Who would consider taking a trip to Canada while visiting New York? Well, you, of course. Think about it! Flights to Canada from New York don’t take long and are affordable.

One of the beautiful cities located just over one hour an a half by plane from New York is Toronto. Sure, it’s a big city and you’ll only scratch the surface during a short stay, but it’s worth a trip. Cheap flights to Toronto are easily available and there are plenty of airlines serving the Toronto airports.

What is there to do in Toronto?

Try to find hotels close to Downtown Toronto, as that’s where most of the places to see are located. Numerous museums and art galleries can be found here and they can easily provide you with things to do for a long while.

Toronto, although a very big city, is excellent for walking. There are many neighborhoods which can be easily tackled on foot. There are miles and miles of parkland following the rivers and those places provide excellent opportunities for walking and checking out the sights. Also, the Toronto Botanical Gardens provide the excellent opportunity for exploring the environment.

The Lakefront and Harbourfront also offer excellent biking and hiking trails. In the same area, there’s the Harbourfront Centre, which is the home to numerous cultural events and most of them are cheap.

And if you crave a little of other countries, make sure to check out Little Italy – with its many coffee shops -, Little India or Koreatown – with its many karaoke bars and family restaurants.

Yonge Street – the longest street in the world – is one of the best places to shop in Toronto. The best way to explore it is on foot. The stretch from Queen St. to Bloor St. is also excellent for the tourists, especially with the low budget stores located here.

The stretch from Bloor St. to Eglinton is a great choice for the tourists mostly because of the excellent urban hike. There aren’t many sights to see along the path but taking a break from the routine is a nice choice.

Toronto as side trip for other American cities

New York is not the only city from which a side trip to Toronto is a nice choice. If you look for flights from Chicago to Toronto you’ll see that you can easily plan such a side trip when visiting Chicago.

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