Visiting the Niagara Falls: an Interesting Choice for Valentine’s Day

niagara-febWhat we consider romantic might be ordinary for the rest of you; likewise, if you like the grand gestures which show affection, it doesn’t mean that we like the same thing. When it comes to planning a romantic escape for Valentine’s Day, we definitely like different things.

A weekend getaway in Las Vegas can be just as romantic as visiting Niagara Falls, right? Winter in Niagara Falls is beautiful, although (of course!) cold. If you are not looking for the typical boat exploration of the falls, then winter is the time to come here. The Niagara Skywheel is open year round and the views of the falls are magnificent. And you can surely plan a romantic evening in the revolving restaurant located at the Skylon Tower.

Put some layers of clothes on and explore the Queen Victoria Park. During winter, the mist which drifts from the falls creates beautiful icicles. The barren trees and the snow add a more romantic feel to the entire place.

All these places are located on the Canadian side of the falls, so when you look for cheap hotels in Niagara Falls do consider this. You won’t find any of the big hotel chains here, but you’ll be able to choose among many small hotels with excellent services. During winter, rates start at CAD$60 per night and special packages are always available.

Once the hotel found, it’s time to consider which airport to fly into. There are several choices. If you want to explore New York City for a day or two as well, you can consider flying into one of the airports which serve the city. Newark is a good idea. It’s less crowded and there are plenty of deals available. You can book Newark airport parking in advance and leave the car at the airport when you don’t need it. You can also fly into Toronto and explore the city before heading to the falls.

Thanks to the location of Niagara Falls, it’s possible to plan longer or shorter vacations and include some near-by cities in your sightseeing plans. For example, expect to pay from $137 per person to fly from Newark to Toronto. You can spend two days in New York City, two days in Toronto and mix in the Niagara Falls getaway.

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