Untours coming to New York

Everyone imagines the kind of vacation where you can travel somewhere new and exciting and still truly experience a place. You know, the type of trip that’s not just walking around with a camera strapped to you neck, snapping photos and going on guided bus tours–but the opportunity to travel somewhere and participate in daily life and actually live like a local for awhile. Well, for the past 33 years, Untours has been doing just that for traveler’s to European cities. This unconventional travel company tries to make tours of cities that aren’t really tours at all (hence the oh-so-appropriate name) by setting up travelers in apartment accommodations where for 2 weeks or more they’ll do all the things they would if they were actually living there—grocery shop, interact with their neighbors, cook, etc., all with an Untour representative residing nearby to help you with any problems you might have.

So, for those who are craving a “real” New York experience, where they can eat, breath and act like a New Yorker for a few weeks, you are now in luck. Untour has come to New York, bringing its successful formula for unconventional travel in Europe stateside. Travelers who want to get a slice of life in the Big Apple can now chose from thirty-or-so apartments to stay in for a two-week period. The Untours representative will meet you in New York, give you helpful tips and walking tours through your new neighborhood, as well as provide you with literature to help you feel comfortable in your temporary digs and city, as well as a transportation pass, so you can thoroughly explore the city and its five Burroughs.

So, you are probably thinking, “sounds great, but how much does it cost?” The Untour experience certainly does not come cheap, BUT with such high process at Manhattan hotels, you’ll be paying comparatively less for a very comfortable full apartment, not to mention a kitchen so you don’t have to eat every meal out. For a two-week stay (guests can also chose a one-week package), the cost is $2,419 per person for two persons traveling together, which breaks down to $172 per day. Considering a mid-range hotel in the city would cost at least that and probably more, while expensive, the Untour experience is actually a great value.

>>For more information, visit Untours Web site.