Travelling Greener: Kimpton Hotels offering 20% discount for guests who arrive by train

As I recently wrote in a feature for BootsnAll Travel Network entitled 9 Tips on How to Travel Greener, travel and the environment pose a modern dilemma. In order to see and experience the natural wonders and beauty of the world, you must contribute to the carbon emissions and waste that are helping to destroy the planet. Because so many world travelers also happen to be educated, informed and environmentally conscious people, this problem poses quite the paradox.

However, there are also a growing number of businesses out there which are working to help solve this problem. Included in this bunch is Kimpton Hotels, a well-established boutique hotel brand that is dominant on the West Coast (particularly in San Francisco), but also has plenty of locations in Chicago, Washington, New York, and Boston. Although its prices are usually a bit higher than other hotels in the same markets, the company is truly invested in running their hotels with an environmental awareness.

That being said, Kimpton is now offering a 20% discount for hotel guests who arrive by train to the hotel. As discussed in tip # 5 in my article on 9 Tips on How to Travel Greener, taking the train (rather than your car or a plane) significantly reduces your carbon footprint. Especially since New York is connected to so may other markets by rail, traveling into New York City by train will not only save you 20% on your hotel stay, but it’ll also ease your conscious and probably save you a lot of stress you might encounter at the airport or stuck in traffic. Sounds like the perfect solution to me.