Summer in the City

new-york-citySummer in New York City is not exactly idyllic. The temperatures tend to get quite high and before you know it, you’d rather stay inside with the AC turned on. But there are some good reasons locals choose to not leave the city during the summer and tourists choose to travel to the Big Apple: the New York City summer festivals . Many of the festivals are free to attend (or very cheap) so that’s surely reason enough to stick around. Whether you are after music, film or culture, you’ll find it here. Add some street parades and your summer if filled with a lot of fun.

With the latest Sex and the City hype, many will decide to visit New York and indulge in its atmosphere even if the only reason for it would be to shop for those awesome clothes the ladies wear in the movie. So, keep your eyes on the deals and book the cheap flights to New York . Thankfully, many low-cost carriers offer flights to New York so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something to suit your budget. Typically, since New York City is such a big transportation hub, it’s cheap and easy to get here from any US city.

Anyone visiting New York wants to get their hands on a room in a cheap Manhattan hotel . From Manhattan you can reach the other areas easily and you are right in the middle of everything.

Of course, in between shopping and attending festivals, you can visit some of the landmarks. There are a ton of things to do in New York so plan wisely. Must-see places include the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square and the Central Park. Plus there are many museums to visit.

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