Plan to visit New York and watch the U.S. Open

I’ve discovered tennis when I was a little girl, thanks to a neighbor of mine. I’ve started classes and also watch various tournaments. Fast forward almost 20 years and I play tennis for pleasure (and fitness) again. And I continue to watch tournaments.

For those who enjoy this sport, the US Open is coming up (August 29 to September 11) and takes place at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. So you still have time to plan your visit.

New York is notorious for being a challenging destination for the budget traveler. First of all you need to figure out how to choose the right New York airport . Both JFK and La Guardia are in Queens, but chances are you are going to find better deals on JFK. Plus, it’s very easy to travel between the city center and the airport.

Now it’s time to look for a cheap hotel in New York City . Since US Open is a popular event drawing a lot of visitors, make sure to book the room ahead of time. You can choose to stay in Queens, but if you find something affordable in Manhattan, don’t be shy and grab it. During late August / early September you can find rooms starting at $170 per night in Manhattan.

Alternatively, you can choose a private room in a hostel. You can stay in Flushing, Queens for just $42 per person per night (breakfast and linen included).

Another option is to check out the U.S. Open Travel Deals , but be aware that in the case of such large events you might end up paying more when you get a package than if you would have booked the items separately. So do the math: add the cost of separate items and compare it with the package and see in which case you actually save.

And since you are in New York, do plan for some sightseeing. It’s a shame to visit the Big Apple and not take a stroll in Central Park.

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