Plan a Family Escape to Virginia Beach

vbeachThough New York is one of the most popular tourist attractions, it’s not often ranked as very family-friendly. Sure, hundreds of thousands of children live and grow up in the city, but with expensive hotels and attractions, it takes a lot of money (and energy) for a family to explore the city. For a more low-key and affordable family vacation, head to Virginia Beach for a family getaway.

Virginia Beach is one of the east coast’s classic beach resort areas, with 35 miles of oceanfront, historic monuments and relaxing seaside towns. Virginia Beach is easy to get to from most locations on the east coast. Norfolk Airport is only 20 miles away, though you’ll more likely find cheap tickets to Richmond (100 miles away) or DC (200 miles away).

Family travel deals abound, with inexpensive lodging, including options for apartments and rental condos that are ideal for families, and lots of kid-friendly restaurants and activities both on and off the beach. Virginia Beach is actually a great place for family adventure travel as well, with activities like kayaking, hiking, sailing, bird-watching, horseback riding, and camping nearby.

Photo by Anthroscribe