New York in May

Spring is one of the best times to visit New York. The weather is warm enough to visit the sights and the summer crowds have not yet arrived. There are quite a lot of events taking place in May in New York so you won’t get bored once you get here.


May offers some of the best weather for visiting New York: it’s warm enough to spend time walking around but cool enough not to be bothered by the heat.
Pack a jacket and a sweater as the evenings are still cool. Make sure to pack comfortable walking shoes.

Some temperatures
Albany avg high 69.4F (20.8C) / avg low 48.9F (9.4C)
Buffalo avg high 66 F (18C) / avg low 47 F (8C)
New York City avg 70.6F (21.4C) / high avg low 53.3F (11.8C)
Niagara Falls avg high 64F (18F) / avg low 44F (7C)

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While you cannot expect to find an abundance of airfare deals in May, it’s still possible to get decent airfare , especially if you book your tickets in advance. Check the low cost airlines and also you could make use of any travel miles saved.

When it comes to hotel prices in New York in May, they are not as high as during the peak travel season, but definitely higher than during the low season, such as right after the winter holidays. If you are on a lower budget, hostels are good choices even if you want privacy as you can choose a private room.

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Things to do

There are quite a lot of things to do in May in New York, even though the summer events are not yet in full swing. Cinco de Mayo is a good reason to eat Mexican food, even if you are in New York, while the Dance Parade brings together the dance culture and ethnicities in the city. It begins on Broadway at 1 p.m. and can keep you interested for a while.

Or you can attend a food festival. Should you crave wine, worry not for there’s a wine festival as well in May (up to 500 varieties of wines to be tasted).

Should you come to New York by the end of May, everyone else might have left the town to enjoy Memorial Day and the start of summer.

May offers good weather for sightseeing so make sure to pack comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothes for the weather. With the camera in one hand and the map in the other, explore the well known places such as Central Park, Ellis Island (with the Statue of Liberty), the unusual museums , galleries and churches.

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