New York in June

June marks the start of summer in New York. The warm weather welcomes the visitors who want to spend their time enjoying the sights of New York City or the many summer activities which are in full swing.


The weather is warm to allow for sightseeing without having to hide somewhere and warm up. Bring a sweater because evenings are still cold. It’s also possible to rain, so a light rain coat or an umbrella should be in your bag. Wear comfortable shoes. If you plan to attend concerts , movies or have a picnic in the park, make sure to also pack a picnic blanket.

Some temperatures
Albany avg high 78.7F (25.9C) / avg low 58.6F (14.8C)
Buffalo avg high 76 F (24C) / avg low 56F (13C)
New York City avg 79.4F (26.3C) / high avg low 62.6F (17C)
Niagara Falls avg high 75F (24C) / avg low 55F (13C)

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When you need to book a flight to New York , always check all the offers available. Many low cost airlines offer sales but you need to take a decision pretty quickly in order to benefit from the discounts. Likewise, you can wait and book your flight at the last minute. Typically, the best fares can be found 4 to 6 week prior to the departure.

By June the hotel prices are almost reaching the highest value, but if you book the room ahead of time you can get away with paying slightly less than if you were to wait until couple weeks before departure. Choose to stay close to the sights – Manhattan is a good choice – but opt for budget accommodation. Hostels are also good choices especially when you are on a tight budget.

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Things to do

June weather is perfect for the many walking tours available in the city. It is also a good time to explore other cities in the state, so rent a car and plan some road trips. Stop and enjoy the nature, take hikes and sample the cuisine.

There are plenty of summer concerts and outdoor film festivals taking place in the city and most of them are free. Some of them start in June and continue all summer long.
And if you don’t happen to be in the city for a concert, then pack a picnic basket, a blanket and some goodies and enjoy a day in Central Park .

Should you plan your visit in New York in mid-June, don’t miss the Gay Parade, one of the most important events in history to honor the lesbian and gay rights. The events mostly take place in the West Village. It includes the Pride Rally, Rapture of the River: A Women’s Dance, The March, PRIDEfest, Dance on the Pier: Dance 25 and , new in 2012, the VIP Rooftop Party.

June is a lovely month to explore the city so take the ferry Ellis Island , take a tour of the museum, see the Statue of Liberty and once you are back on Manhattan , go to Little Italy for an Italian lunch.
Take the subway to Rockefeller Center and go up to the observation deck. If the weather is nice and the sky is clear, the panoramic views are definitely worth it.

Spend some time visiting some of the museums and , if you still have time, you can relax while you shop for bargains.

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Photo credit : Central Park ; Gay Parade