New York City in Photos: A Big Apple Story

We’ve all heard the very clichéd old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to capturing the true heart and spirit of New York City, images are really the best representation of this cultural melting pot–from the people to the parks to the bright lights and daunting immensity of the city. After admiring the photos of New York by my friend, journalist and photographer Jordan Crucchiola, I felt I had to share a few of her best shots taken during Fall 2009 while she was interning at Rolling Stone Magazine (can you get much more New York than that?).

All images are © Jordan Crucchiola and are used by permission; photos may not be reposted without the permission of the artist

About the Photographer
A print journalist by trade, Jordan Crucchiola subscribes to the photo philosophy of “If you take 500 pictures, you’re bound to get at least 3 worth showing people.” Since graduating from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications in 2007, she has interned at Portland Monthly magazine in Portland, Oregon; Rolling Stone magazine in New York City; and is currently stationed back on her beloved West Coast as a fact checker/researcher for Wired magazine in San Francisco. Though this is the first time Jordan’s photography will appear in a professional context, those close to her can attest to the ubiquitous nature of her digital cameras.