Incredible deals to New York this summer

airplane-departingWith everything from $1 hotel rooms and fare sales offering up seats from New York to San Francisco for just $14, it seems people in the travel industry will do just about anything to drum up business these days. With the economy in the tank, travel companies have been desperate to fill up empty hotel rooms and plane seats—and to grab people’s attention.

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot more “flash sales,” which are unbelievably good sales that last anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours. With New York as a major hub and tourist destination, it is no wonder that many of these sales are based to and from the Big Apple. With travel companies hoping to catch people’s attention (and encourage them not to do a “staycation” this summer), they have been willing to practically give away airfare and hotel rooms to encourage tight-budgeted folks to still hit the road this summer.

These flash sales often last no more than a day, but for those travel savvy and internet savvy people out there, there are some absolutely incredible opportunities to score great deals on everything from a flight to New York to a half priced hotel room. Last month, Jet Blue offered up 140 seats on a plane from San Francisco to New York for just $14 (no, I didn’t leave off the zero. Flight from San Fran to NY actually cost 14 bucks). While these too-good-to-be-true deals certainly don’t last long, if you are lucky you can get some outrageously inexpensive airfare and hotels in the Big Apple.

Luckily those hoping to make it to New York this summer can benefit from these great sales and the stinky economy. Not only is airfare down more than 20% this year compared to last summer, but even New York’s high-end hotels are rolling out reduced rates and fantastic deals. Even luxury hotels like the InterContinental on the Upper East Side is offering up rooms for under $200/night, a total bargain compared to prices for the same rooms just a year ago.

In New York, a place notorious for grossly overpriced hotel rooms, some of these amazing bargains are sure to please customers. While finding a decently priced hotel room in New York used to be near impossible, thanks to some of these flash sales and price cutting, it’s been getting a whole lot easier to find cheap hotels in New York City.

For those on a super tight budget who still may not be able to afford a New York hotel room (even at the reduced rates), staying in a hostel in New York can be the perfect way to capitalize on the cheap flight you scored and make your dollar stretch further in New York. Plus, as I like to look at it, less money spent on your hotel room and airfare just means more money to have fun.

Wondering how to score one of these unbelievable fares to NY? Dutifully check with last minute travel sites, who have been offering up hotels for as little as $1 in 15-minute intervals. You can also sign up to receive fare sale email notifications from airlines like Jet Blue and Virgin, two of the airlines who have continually offered up great sale fares on flights to New York the past few months. With enough internet trolling, you may just be one of the lucky few to score on some of these flash sales and book a fabulous New York vacation for just $15 ($1 hotel room + $14 Jet Blue flight).