Great Deals from New York (& Crappy Airports)

Those of you who live in the New York are lucky to regularly have access to rock-bottom prices on airline tickets. With so many major airports to choose from and a huge number of flights every day, it’s almost surprising there aren’t more great deals – but there are enough deals from New York every week to tempt anyone who’s even remotely interested in travel.

Even in the height of the peak summer travel season, it’s still possible to find killer deals on flights to Europe. And when the shoulder seasons or winter rolls around? Those prices drop to unheard of levels. It’s enough to make anyone not living within driving distance of New York start hunting for cheap flights to NYC in order to take advantage of the cheap flights from New York.

Sure, if your travel dreams lie more toward the direction of Hawaii then you’ll have to get to the West Coast before you can be vacation-bound, but even if there are cheaper flights to Honolulu from Los Angeles the people in New York still have access to great cross-country fares from NY to LA.

Perhaps it’s karma, then, that makes it so all three of the big international airports in the New York area are so dismal. You get the great fares, so maybe it figures that you have to suffer through crappy airports to take advantage of them. And suffer is what any budget-hungry traveler is willing to do.

Don’t forget, New Yorkers, you can arrange for things like your LaGuardia airport parking before you even pack your bags, and track your Jet Blue flight status from home so you know when to head for the airport.

photo by llimllib