Getting out of New York City

I admit I can go on and on about the interesting things to do in New York City. I’m forever charmed by the Big Apple and I could write a novel about falling in love with Central Park or enjoying Cosmos with the girls. But here I am talking about planning to get out of the city. Before you are willing to bet I’ve gone mad… no I’m not mad (really, I am not!)…

So what’s the first thing to do when you plan to head out of the metropolis? Renting a car or booking a flight, depending on where you want to head to.

Let’s start with a weekend at Niagara Falls. Aside from looking for cheap hotels in Niagara Falls , you should also book a flight into Buffalo or even Niagara Falls International Airport (depending on which is cheaper to get to). Access to the falls is free but not all attractions near-by can be visited for free.

Now, how about spending a weekend in Rochester? The things to do in Rochester include visiting the historical houses and the museums. Also, you can plan to spend some time in nature.

Both destinations are excellent for families with kids. They get to learn new things while they actually have fun. Plus, a weekend away from home can recharge anyone’s batteries.

So now that you’ve explore the nature and relaxed, you are definitely ready to get back to the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple … how about those Cosmos?

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