Getting from Buffalo to Niagara Falls (and the other way around)

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the entire world and a very sought after travel destination in North America. Every year, millions of travelers travel to the Falls.
Most travelers arrive on Buffalo Niagara International Airport and travel directly to the Falls, by rental car , bus or taxi. It’s also possible to take the bus from the city rather than directly from the airport , which is a good option especially if you arrive in Buffalo by train.

Buses from Buffalo to Niagara Falls

There are several bus companies which offer service from Buffalo to Niagara Falls (New York).

The NFTA Route #5 departs from the Main University Metro Rail Station in Buffalo. The adult fare is $1.75 one way and the child fare is $0.75 one way. Daily passes are also available ($4 for an adult and $2 for a child). You can get the tickets from the bus operator or the vending machine.
Also, NFTA runs Route #210 from the airport directly to the Falls. One way fare is $1.75 for an adult.

The Greyhound Bus also runs two buses a day from the city to Niagara Falls, at 10:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. The travel time is 30-40 minutes. Unfortunately, neither the schedule nor the prices were available on their website at the time the article was written (restrictions might be in place).

Driving from Buffalo to Niagara Falls

The drive from Buffalo to Niagara Falls (New York) is only about 20 miles (or 26 minutes) if you take I-190 N. It’s a partial toll road so please take that in mind when you calculate the budget for the trip.

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