Explore a Mini New York in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, that over the top, anything goes, what happens here stays here city of glitz and glam and (sometimes broken) dreams, is a world unto itself. With representations of some of the world’s greatest destinations, you can go from Venice to Paris without leaving the city limits. Of course, these are the Vegas representations of each place – a Venice with no pigeons, Paris without the snooty waiters. And the New York, New York resort and casino – one of the best casinos in Las Vegas –  is no different.

Here the streets are pristine (and you can walk down them with a three-foot tall margarita in hand) and there’s no need for a cab; you can walk from Coney Island to the Brooklyn Bridge in minutes. Sure, it’s far from the “real” NYC, but like everything else in Vegas, that’s part of its charm. You don’t come to this New York to soak in the culture of one of the greatest and most diverse cities in the world. No, you come here to party – to see a show, to try your luck in the casino, and to be swept away by the Vegas illusions of what every place could be in a Utopian dreamland where the drinks were always free and the next hand could change your life.

So tuck your New York cynicism away with your reality goggles, book a cheap Vegas hotel, and find some cheap flights from New York to Vegas, and come explore another New York!

Photo by richardfdez