An informed traveler is a savvy traveler

jetblueYes, we know; you’ve heard that before. And we all know that information is power and the more details you know about something, the better choices you’ll make. Needless to say this applies to traveling. When it comes to choosing your flight and/or accommodation, the more you know the better. And the more “tricks” you know when it comes to saving money or getting more perks for the same money, the better your entire traveling experience will be.

Let’s say you are after flight awards and upgrades . Becoming a member of Expert Flyer means you’ll get all the information you need before you book your flight. It includes details about flight availability, awards, frequent flyer programs and upgrades.

Whether you need to fly to New York for business or pleasure, either you or your company would definitely look for ways to cut costs. Finding flights to New York is not hard at all, regardless of the time of the year when you travel, but finding the best flight for your needs is another story. Plus, there are a lot of companies which fly to/from New York City and sorting through all those prices and offers can be, to say the least, daunting. To make matters even more complicated, some offers are web only and you can find them only on the airlines’ websites. Confused already?

One of the companies headquartered in New York City is JetBlue. It mainly serves the United States, Mexico and Canada. So it only makes sense to look for JetBlue flight deals when you plan to either fly to or from New York City. The low-cost airline also offers a frequent flyer program and the JetBlue flight tracker is excellent when your boss or family needs to know details about your flight and when you’ll depart/land. JetBlue also runs quite a lot of special offers so keep your eyes on the company if you fly a lot between the destinations they offer.

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